Sunday, 16 August 2015

Human Rights Matter

(This post was first posted on 16th May) Because of my experience of having to take legal action against my Local Authority to secure a reasonable quality of life, I am passionate about the importance of the Human Rights Act. Equally Ours filmed me talking about my experience;

To see other people talking about human rights have a look at the Equally Our website. To find out more about human rights have a look at the Rights Info website, or the British Institute of Human Rights.

For more detail about the why the repeal of the Human Rights Act is problematic have a look at;

Liberty's briefing. Amnesty's (slightly shorter) briefing, or the piece by politics UK.

If you'd like to take action, Liberty have more information and campaigning ideas here. Amnesty International UK are also campaigning to keep the Human Rights Act. to support their campaign click here. The British Institute of Human Rights is arranging a Human Rights Tour "We explore how the Human Rights Act is not simply about courts, but relevant and real to us all in everyday life,", to find out more click here.

I am currently recruiting a support worker to assist with daily life and human rights campaigning. Click here for more information.

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